Utensili … عدد كهرباءيه

Merce nuova 10 tonnelate , 5 €/kilo

 , بضاعه جديده 10 طن ، سعر الكيلو  5 يورو

New brand available 10 tons , price 5€/kg

Home appliances …. اجهزه كهربائيه

80x mix used Glass refrigerator refrigerator display case UGUR, Klimasan and other inside small electro, multimedia and small agd.  

Originally Pepsi, Redbull etc fridges, now unprinted, cleaned and ready to used.

Total of 80pcs refrigerators (full LKW) 

Refrigerator height 180cm 
Width 60cm 
Depth 55cm 
Volume 370 litres
Total weight including goods around 11.000kg 

Total weight of refrigerators including goods around 10.000 kg 
Refrigerator price 150€/pcs
Refrigerator price including goods 400€/pcs